bride looking over her shoulder and smiling as the groom holds her hand and walks away at The Venue

The Venue Chattanooga: A Charming Wedding Location

The Venue Chattanooga is a unique wedding space located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is very charming, yet versatile. You can choose between an indoor or outdoor ceremony. An enchanting garden, a cute cottage, and plenty of amenities exist for additional enjoyment. Let’s dive into some details about this amazing venue.

white building named The Venue with wooden posts and trees

Location of The Venue Chattanooga and Basic Facts

The Venue Chattanooga is conveniently located 8 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, yet it feels like you are nestled privately within the mountains. Up to 250 guests (or 350 guests for a cocktail event) can comfortably fit inside. Also, you will get everything you need in order to host your wedding, including tables and chairs, a walk-up bar, paved parking, and a balcony.

photo of bride caressing groom's face and he hugs her hips

Stunning Details at The Venue

The Venue truly thought of every detail in order to create a stunning event space. At the ceremony site, there is a beautiful stone fireplace; the main building has one, too! Bistro lights hang all over the patio and drape from the trees. Additionally, there are subtle mountain views from high ground. In the same area, you can also find large aesthetic rocks adorning the grounds.

photo of a stone wood-burning fireplace with a wooden cross, pampas, and boho florals

large rocks and pretty landscape with a bride and groom posed as the bride places a hand on his shoulder

The Bridal Suite at The Venue Chattanooga

Brides and their wedding party get special treatment at The Venue Chattanooga. A cottage-style building is dedicated as an adorable bridal suite, complete with ample space and hair and makeup stations. Furthermore, there is cozy furniture for relaxing and enjoying fellowship while getting ready. The bridal suite also has a private room for getting dresses and attire on, complete with tall mirrors. Additionally, if you decide to have an outdoor ceremony, it is a great place for the family and wedding party to wait right before the processional music begins.

bridesmaids in maroon dressed surrounding bride and helping adjust her looks

collage of photos with dress hanging in front of wooden doors and a bouquet on a chair. Next photo is a blonde bride putting in earrings in front of a round mirror

bridesmaids in maroon dresses shocked at how pretty the bride is in front of them

six maroon bridesmaids and a bride holding boho bouquets outside

Groom’s Room in The Venue Chattanooga

Equally important, the main building at The Venue has a private room for the groom and his party to get ready. There is a dressing space and a lounge area. The guys typically love the television that is there for watching shows or sports. The best part about this room is that it is in a separate building than the bridal suite, making it easy to keep a bride and groom from seeing each other too early.

groomsmen putting on navy suits and laughing on a porch

photo of groom and groomsmen in navy suits with maroon ties. standing on a path at The Venue Chattanooga

The Venue’s Ceremony Site

Although you can get married indoors as well, a main feature of The Venue Chattanooga is The Garden. This is the outdoor ceremony space that is adorned with bistro lights, a stone wood-burning fireplace, and a paved patio. The trees, landscaping, and blooms provide natural beauty to the area.

photo of the garden at the venue chattanooga with a stone fireplace and mountains in the background

bride and her dad walking down the aisle at a wedding ceremony with smiling guests

The Venue’s Reception Building

The main building is what is referred to as “The Venue.” It can be used as the ceremony site, but it is also the reception area. There is enough room for 250 seated guests and a dance floor. Plus, there is a perfectly designed space for a buffet line or cocktail tables.

photo of indoors The Venue Chattanooga with wooden tables and chairs, maroon linen napkins, and boho decor

bride and groom slow dancing and smiling indoors with white walls

Amenities Offered by The Venue Chattanooga

In order to best serve couples, The Venue provides many of the basics needed for a wedding. There are plenty of tables and chairs, the getting ready spaces, set-up, room flipping, and 14 hours of venue access. Additionally, they have a decor package that includes linens, signage, table decor, etc.

photo of wedding signage welcoming guests to the wedding at The Venue Chattanooga

Lodging Available in Chattanooga

If you are coming from out of town or are looking for a place to rent nearby, The Venue has multiple options. There are two modernly designed rentals next door. Alternatively, you can rent a large house on the river a few miles down the road.

The Emerson

The Venue Chattanooga also owns a property called The Emerson– this wedding and event space allows for more guests. It also also located near downtown Chattanooga, so make sure to check them out if you are looking for more options.


In conclusion, The Venue Chattanooga is an alluring space that blends nature and beautiful architecture. Wedding planning is made easier through this venue because of their amenities. It is a very cute and charming location with plenty of room for everyone involved in the wedding.

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bride smiling with a boho wedding dress and bouquet in front of a cottage

bride smiling at shoulder at The Venue Chattanooga with veil draping. Bride smiling and surrounded by boho florals and pompas

bride looking at her bouquet and having veil over her head. close-up photo of bride displaying pearl earrings

bride looking over her shoulder and the groom is facing away. next, there is a photo of the groom's smiling face as he sees his bride for the first time

bride smiling at camera as groom holds her hand and walks

photo of bride caressing groom's face and he hugs her hips

bride hugging her groom's arm as she swishes her white wedding dress

photo of a bride and groom about to kiss at The Venue Chattanooga bride looking over her shoulder and smiling as the groom holds her hand and walks away at The Venue

photo of bride and groom with maroon bridesmaids and navy groomsmen standing in a line on a patio


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